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Our accredited laboratory is responsible for testing genetic samples with the greatest care, providing you and your medical practitioner with comprehensive feedback to make an informed decision. Your health and the care you receive is always, our priority.

From the laboratories of DNAlysis

Medcheck is the latest addition to the DNAlysis portfolio, which currently includes nutrigenomic tests for gene-based, personalised diet and lifestyle. Founded in 2007, the company is now recognised as a global leader in the field of biotechnology; with an established practitioner following in South Africa, Scandinavia, Europe, Far East, Middle East and the USA. DNAlysis is a pioneer in genetic testing in South Africa, providing medical practitioners and patients with accurate genetic information to improve and maintain health and wellness. DNAlysis tests are conducted with integrity to the highest scientific standards – used by medical practitioners around the world. To find out more about DNAlysis Biotechnology, click here.

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