Take the complications out of your Warfarin dosage

Warfarin, a drug which is used to treat blood clotting, is one of the most common medications to cause adverse drug reactions (ADR’s) and admission to hospital. What most people do not know is that many of these reactions can be avoided by personalising your medicine.

Dr Danny Meyersfeld, CEO of DNAlysis Biotechnology said, “We are all wired differently and yet we are still medicated in the same way. Our DNA holds the answers to how we should be taking medication and if more people were to take advantage of this, many ADR’s could easily be avoided.”

Dr Meyersfeld explained that the body’s ability to create blood clots was important because it helps injured blood vessels heal. If the body was not able to do this, we would bleed out every time we cut our finger. However, in certain patients, blood clots can damage the body and it is in these cases that Warfarin is sometimes prescribed to help thin the blood. Although Warfarin can help patients, patients on the drug need to receive regular check up’s to ensure they are on the correct dose and the drug is doing its job.

When prescribing Warfarin, doctors need to take all of the patient’s personal information into consideration. “A patient’s age, height and weight, condition and lifestyle can all play a role in how the patient will respond to the medication,” said Dr Meyersfeld. “In this situation, DNA testing can prove to be not only beneficial but a necessity.”

DNA testing is helpful in understanding a patient’s tolerance to a drug as well as how big their dosage should be before they start experiencing side effects. Understanding the patient’s DNA can provide great insight for doctors before they start prescribing Warfarin and can hopefully decrease the amount of ADR’s received because of this medication.

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